Peace And Comfort

What are the first words you think of when you reflect on the Covid Pandemic…Fear, frustration, anxiety, loneliness, suffering, loss, death? Most words that come to mind to describe the Covid Pandemic are negative. What is known is that the Covid Pandemic impacted everyone, from young to old. It effected not only the physical health, but mental health of people. The huge increase of mental illnesses during the Pandemic thrusted awareness into the public eye. Society became more aware that mental illness is a disease and not cause for shame. Removing the stigma of mental illness must continue.

We as Brothers and Sisters in Christ can help remove the stigma as we serve God and show His love to those with mental illness by:

  • Listening and spending time with individuals
  • Expressing genuine concern
  • Expressing individuals to seek help
  • Praying for and with individuals
  • Sharing Scriptures, Christian music, notecards, and more

Need Help?

look up indiana is a website which provides mental health awareness information for individuals and families. It includes support, providers and information for anyone wanting to find help or help others on the path to mental wellness. Faith-based mental health resources are also included on the website for an extra measure of encouragement, comfort and hope for those affected by mental illness.

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